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" Pete has been my personal trainer for nine years and I now count him as a friend too. He is one of the most professional people I know and through his guidance and patience has ensured that I see significant results. I achieved more while training with him in the first few months than I did in 10 years going to the gym regularly. Put simply, he gets results. He will ensure he thoroughly understands your goal and develops a comprehensive programme to suit your lifestyle. He is extremely personable and working with him is fun. I look forward to my twice weekly training sessions and wouldn't train with anyone else."  -  JP

"Peter is quite different from the rather frightening stereotype of a personal trainer. He is unfailingly kind, patient and encouraging, and always makes me feel that I am doing well.
Peter is also adept at tailoring the training sessions to the particular needs of his client. For example, I started training to try and increase my bone density, to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and Peter has designed my exercise plan with this in view. The density of my bones has increased since I started training, and I am incredibly grateful to Peter for helping me achieve this. In conclusion, Peter is, in my view, an exceptional personal trainer and I highly recommend him." - HG  

 "I first hired Peter back in Feb 2009 for 6 months to help motivate myself to get back into fitness. We did various workouts but mainly concentrated on core work. I enjoyed the workouts to such an extent that I continued to train with Peter for 2 years. Peter is very dedicated in helping you achieve the results you are looking for and I have no hesitation in recommending Peter to all." - NF

 "I have been training with Peter since November 2008. My fitness had dropped off dramatically due to a bad back so we set up a programme with this very much in mind. With his help and patience the change has been dramatic to say the least. I am now 63 years old and fitter than I have probably ever been. Without our weekly training sessions I'm sure I would not have achieved this on my own. Try it. It works!" - AM

"I have been impressed with Peter's knowledge, patience and ability to adapt to the challenge of designing a programme to accomodate all my health issues. Thanks!" - AV

"I had never had a personal trainer before but within 3 sessions I was hooked. Pete is brilliant - very approachable, encouraging & knowledgeable. Thanks to Pete, I am stronger and fitter and I love seeing more definition in my arms. I would highly recommend Pete, who is not at all like a stereotypical personal trainer!" - RB

"Thank you for all the work you did in my training sessions for the last two years. It was great to have your support and it helped me through in other ways too during a difficult time. I think I achieved my aim of putting a spring back in my step!" - JG

" It has been great - thank you so much for keeping the old muscles oiled!" - RN    

"Training with Peter has improved my fitness levels enormously. This has boosted my confidence while still keeping training fun too." - JM




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